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UAE Hindu Community Excited for Upcoming Hindu Mandir
Date : 18-01-2019

By the gracious support of the Abu Dhabi Government, the Hindu community of the UAE will soon have a traditional stone mandir (temple) and cultural complex to call home. Since the project’s launch at the hands of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, BAPS sadhus and volunteers have been visiting different community events and raising awareness of this historic project.

Ravindra Kadam, a production manager and engineer by profession and a dedicated BAPSvolunteer shared, “We have been fortunate to be invited to a number of community events over the last year or so. Our participation at these events has been very inspirational and informative. We have had the opportunity to volunteer at different types of rituals and assemblies held by organisations from all over India. This has allowed us to learn about their traditions and better understand the community’s needs.”

Mandir Limited and BAPS hope that such interactions will not only bring the community together but also help the organisation design a complex which willallow different groups to legally and peacefully practice their diverse traditions and festivals.

“Throughout the year we have been inviting BAPS’s swamis and volunteers to our eventsbecause we think it is important for the community to have an awareness about the upcoming temple and join hands with Mandir Limited to make it a truly unique landmark that respects the trust put in our community by the leadership of this country and also serves our generations to come,” opined Mr. S Venkatesh a local community leader in Dubai. “This is going to be a place where people of all faiths are welcome to experience India in the UAE and witness Hindu spirituality in an inspirational way. We are seeing a lot of excitement and pride for this project amongst our members.”

All in all, sadhus and volunteers have visited more than 40 community meetings, events and pujas in the last year – from professional group meetings and study circles to BoitBandanam and Ayyapa Swami Pujas around the UAE. In 2019, with the support and participation of the entire UAE community,the Hindu mandir project so eagerly anticipated will begin to take shape as the foundations and early works are commenced to create this spiritual oasis in the UAE.